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Oxford MS News – Faulkner’s World

While Oxford MS is important for a lot of reasons, one of it’s most well known or famous citizens was William Faulkner.  William Faulkner lived in Oxford MS and made his home at the now famous Rowan Oak, which is maintained by the University of Mississippi and can be toured on most days.  If you make it to Oxford, you should be sure and place Faulkner’s Rowan Oak on your list of neat things to do while in town.

William Faulkner Statue Located In Oxford MS

Statue of William Faulkner can be seen in downtown Oxford, Mississippi. (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

There were very few public photographs ever taken of William Faulkner at his home at Rowan Oak, so the fact that there is a collection of photographs that were taken by photographer Martin J. Dain that will be making the circuit around North Mississippi this summer is exciting news for Faulkner fans.  The collection of 36 curated photos were taken between 1961 and 1963 of Faulkner in his home environment at his Rowan Oak home.  This collection entitled “Faulkner’s World,” is on display now in Columbus, MS and it will be exhibited in Oxford in July and August, while in Tupelo in September and October.

Jan Swoope of the Columbus Dispatch at wrote the following:

Photographer Martin J. Dain was one of the few who photographed author William Faulkner at Rowan Oak, the writer’s home in Oxford. A selection of those images are compiled in a traveling exhibit, “Faulkner’s World: The Photographs of Martin J. Dain,” on display at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library through June 22.

Dain’s photographs provide a unique journey into Faulkner’s environment. Taken between 1961 and 1963, the images portray the writer at home and provide a comprehensive look at the people and cultural traditions that inspired him.

This collection, consisting of 36 framed images, provides an extraordinary window through which to view community history and from which to reflect on culture and change in Oxford and the surrounding area, shared library archivist Mona K. Vance. As the exhibition discusses and interprets the legacy of Faulkner, it also provides an opportunity to prompt community dialogue.

On his first visit to Oxford in 1961, Dain made numerous photographs of the town and the surrounding rural Lafayette County, the inspiration for the author’s fictional Yoknapatawpha County. Dain returned in 1962 to photograph Faulkner’s funeral and made additional images of Lafayette County.

The exhibition opened at the University of Mississippi in 1997 and traveled for two years as part of the Faulkner Centennial Celebration. It had an encore tour in 2007 in conjunction with the Mississippi Reads project administered through the Mississippi Library Commission, and is once again available, this time for libraries, museums, and cultural centers in Mississippi and surrounding states.  You can read the rest of the original article here.

We were excited to hear about the Oxford MS News – Faulkner’s world and the fact that the exhibition is coming to town, as we have not had the privilege of viewing the collection ourselves.  While Oxford MS is a relatively small town in the scheme of things, it has become well known as a destination of choice for the Country Club types.  The best way I can describe Oxford is that it has a “boutique” feel about it.  Even if you can’t quite put your finger on it, you know it is a special place and that it has a very special atmosphere.  If you are moving to Oxford or will just be passing through or visiting this summer, make it a point to see Oxford’s very own Rowan Oak and the Faulkner’s World exhibition.  If you need rentals, be sure to contact us at Oxford MS Rentals and let us see what we an do to accommodate your stay while in town.

Below is an interesting YouTube video about Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance in 1949.

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Oxford MS Recently Made The Top 10 List Of Cities For Retirees

If you plan to move to Oxford MS anytime soon, you will be happy to hear that Oxford MS recently made the top 10 list of cities for retirees!  This secret small town destination is slowly losing it’s hidden charm and becoming well known nationally for what it has to offer, which is basically a small town atmosphere with big city living options.  Oxford Mississippi has shown up on many of these lists in recent years, and this was only the most recent showing when The Washington Economics Group, Inc listed Oxford on it’s top 10 list of places for retirees.  Most of these cities land on the list due to theirlow cost of living, but the mild and warm Oxford MS Weather is one of the reasons it was chosen as well.

A top 10 list of the best cities in America to retire revealed that seniors should head to warm, southern states.

Tallahassee, Florida topped the list compiled by The Washington Economics Group showcase the ideal places for people to settle down in their later years.

Richmond, Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tied for last place to round up the group of cities that included nine out of the 10 communities belonging in the south.

Topping the list: Tallahassee, Florida (pictured) is the number one city for to retire in for the upcoming groups of seniors, according to a study done by The Washington Economics Group Inc.Topping the list: Tallahassee, Florida (pictured) is the number one city to retire in for the upcoming groups of seniors, according to a study done by The Washington Economics Group Inc.

The rankings take into consideration the high numbers of retirees already living there and its popularity as a senior haven.


Tallahassee, Florida ranked first for having the best climate on the list and very low taxes.

Memphis, Tennessee has low prices on food, utilities, healthcare and housing.

Athens, Georgia offers great recreational amenities with University of Georgia sports.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama has gas prices about 15 per cent below the national average.

Atlanta, Georgia is a national leader for its healthcare with more than 50 hospitals.

Oxford, Mississippi, tied for sixth, offers a low cost of living and has a very small population.

Charleston, South Carolina, also at six, is full of heritage, history and culture.

Louisville, Kentucky has been ranked as one of the safest U.S. cities in recent years.

Richmond, Virginia tied at last place for its wide variety of entertainment options

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the pick for those who like cold weather, sports and culture. 

Researchers also used the results of a Mason-Dixon survey, which polled a group of retirees to understand their needs and opinions when deciding on a senior destination.

The study was done during a time when more than 25 per cent of the U.S. population will be making their choices of where to retire to in the next few years.

These Americans, known as ‘baby boomers’ were born between 1946 and 1964, will consist of an estimated 78 million people.

The survey highlighted the Mason-Dixon poll’s revelation that climate was most important to future retirees than housing costs.

Tallahassee ranked the highest on the list for a number of reasons, particularly for its warm weather.

With temperatures always comfortable and winter months bringing some cooler weather, the city along the Florida panhandle was considered top-notch for researchers.

But if the hot weather isn’t a top priority, the survey showed that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which ranked ninth with Richmond, Virginia, is an attractive alternative.

Pittsburgh is mostly chilly with no beaches nearby.

But its sports teams and overall culture landed it on the list.

Fourth: Tuscaloosa, Alabama ranked high as gas prices are nearly 15 per cent below the national averageFourth: Tuscaloosa, Alabama ranked high as gas prices are nearly 15 per cent below the national average

Outstanding': Researchers say Atlanta, Georgia is a leader in health care for more than 50 hospitals‘Outstanding’: Researchers say Atlanta, Georgia is a leader in health care for more than 50 hospitals

For a low cost of living, the research suggests retirees should head to number two Memphis, Tennessee, fourth choice Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Oxford, Mississippi, which tied for sixth place with Charleston, South Carolina.

Memphis has low prices on several necessities from food to housing.

Tuscaloosa, with a nice overall climate, has gas prices that are known to be almost 15 per cent lower than the national average.

Louisville, Kentucky, which ranked eighth, is home to the horsing horsing track Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held bringing an interesting attraction.   Original Article Here.

Weather in Oxford Mississippi is mild for the most part with relatively short lived winters that offer an occasional cold spell that may last for a few days to a week at most.  Oxford is far enough away from the gulf coast that there is little danger from hurricane’s, but the city is located in an area where tornado cells are not uncommon, so if you are building or buying a permanent home in Oxford, we suggest that you consider a safe room or a separate storm shelter that is quickly and easily accessible from your home.  If you will be moving to this wonderful and little known gem any time soon, we suggest you contact us here at Oxford MS Rentals if you will need a rental home or even if you plan to buy a home, as we can help you with either option.  We are proud of the fact that Oxford MS recently made the top 10 list of cities for retirees and welcome you to your new home if you will be moving here any time soon!

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